A downloadable game for Windows

You're an elite member of the search-and-rescue team sent by "Black Ravens" security organization. Your squad's task is to collect information and find any survivors.

Welcome to the "Envelope" research institute.

Copycat's Phenomenon is an experimental multiplayer pseudo-action horror game that I've been developing since February, 2019.


  • Creepy atmosphere. What was that shriek?
  • Buggy multiplayer. Play with your friends.
  • Dark environments. Use any available light sources.
  • Player classes and characters. Each has their own items and advantages.
  • Randomly generated maps. Each time new facility.
Updated 26 days ago
TagsFurry, Horror, Multiplayer, Singleplayer, Spooky

Install instructions

1. Download & extract the package
2. Launch Phenomenon.exe
Enjoy many bugs you're going to experience while playing the game!


Phenomenon v1.1.2 88 MB
Phenomenon v1.0.2 (old) 78 MB

Development log


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is discord active?

If you meant the link is available, then yes it is;

Right here; https://discordapp.com/invite/t97wrbg

no I meant is the server active?

has anyone made a video about this game yet?

yes, quite a few

is the discord active?

How do i get friends to join?🤔

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Check readme.txt in the game directory

Okay thank you 

yay update :))))

update :))

This game is pretty cool! The Combat Shotgun and the way its handled really reminds me of FEAR and the atmosphere is well placed.

It would be cool if you could make a discord server so people can host and join the server that you're in and discuss or whateves, this is merely a small suggestion.

Thanks for feedback, creating a discord server is an awesome suggestion.

I can actually help you create the discord server and probably help moderate the server, with your permission of course.

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I wouldn't mind if you'd create the server yourself, that's OK(just don't forget to give me the link). The thing is - I don't think that anybody wants to play right now as the main "wave" of players has already passed.

I see, well in that case; I'll just setup the server for now and give you the discord, probably tomorrow. Better start somewhere, right?


Here you go


Me: being sneaky by crouching

Monsters: That's beyond science

There's one thing that scared me out of the most other than monster or the creepy atmosphere, it's whenever the monster hit me and I lost my flashlight. Is there's any way to get it back since the whole map is mostly pitch black and sometimes the monster spawned right behind me.

anyway epic game, it's reminds me of F.E.A.R. 

Thanks for feedback, you can find flashlights or glowsticks in some of the rooms that you can equip later.

sadly I used the glowstick to lit up another room and I don't have any back up, now I learn that glowstick is important items

Hey, I played with a couple of friends, and it seemed that the monsters were getting horribly desynced, where i would see them, and they couldn't, or would shoot the air, and it would kill a monster like 2 rooms away, imagine this has been reported tho

Thanks for feedback, extremely sorry for the bugs, I've updated the description.

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No worry man, the game is pretty fun, had a blast being really stressed, kinda reminds me of the multiplayer in Cry of Fear.
Maybe it would be interesting if the medic could revive people in PVE, along with the self revive thing.

IDK, just an idea.

Oh, also, other players kinda bob up and down on the elevators (I imagine it's from the desyncing), but that's so minor i forgot about it.

i tried the new version and found some bugs

the monsters do not attack

Thank you, Achuapanqui. I've fixed the "nonamemonster" bug in the new update(v1.0.1). But I'm not sure about "noclass noname" bug, were you playing with someone?

how do i play with a friend from two different PCs and not in LAN?

I Cant play with a friend we put the IP but it dosent wor

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Try Hamachi, but do it at your own risk

what do you mean

There's a program called LogMeIn Hamachi that allows you to create some sort of "virtual networks" and trick your and your's friend PC into thinking that you're in the same network(LAN) even if you're really not
There should be tons of tutorial on YouTube

I create a server with a friend and only the host can see the monsters

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Thanks for the bug. I'll try to fix that in the future.

how did you do it (not lan pls)


where the ip address info

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It depends?
If you want to play the game with your friend by LAN(local network): host must press Win+R -> type "cmd" -> type "ipconfig" -> search local IP address, other clients will use it to establish the connection
or you could just https://whatismyipaddress.com/
Otherwise, I'm afraid that you have to use other third-party tools to play with each other.

like what?

Sad because this game is purely multiplayer. Would love to see what's in store but no one's playing!

I just found this site out and saw this game i wouldnt mind giving it a whirl and if you want to coop let me know

make a server?